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How To use The New Article Writer Pro

Katteb Article Writer Pro: A Step-by-Step Guide

Welcome to the guide for Katteb Article Writer Pro, our advanced feature-packed tool that elevates your article generation process. This guide will walk you through each step to utilize its full potential.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Starting with Your Idea

- Step 1: Begin by entering your article idea or keyword.
- Step 2: Choose your data source. Options include:
- Default Mode: For generic AI knowledge.
- Internet: For fact-checked and real-time data.
- YouTube, Amazon, URLs, and Saved Snippets: To base articles on your personalized knowledge base at Katteb.

Setting Language and Audience
- Step 3: Select the article language.
- Step 4: Choose the target audience location for localized content.

Launching the Process
- Step 5: Click on 'Start' to initiate the article generation.

Title Selection

- Step 6: Choose from up to 10 different title variations. If unsatisfied, you have the option to modify this later.

Outline Suggestion
- Step 7: Click on 'Suggest Outline' to move to the outline creation stage.
- Step 8: Edit, add, or remove elements from the generated outline. Assign heading levels (H2, H3, H4) as needed.

Customizing Your Article

- Title: Edit or replace the article title.
- Article Guidelines: Direct the AI to follow specific formats, add calls to action, use bullet points, tables, or emojis.
- Specific Guidelines for Headings: Apply unique guidelines to individual sections or headings.
- Image Suggestions: Manually suggest images for any heading.
- Advanced Settings: Adjust the tone of voice, point of view, and data source for specific sections.
- Bulk Editing: Apply bulk changes to the entire outline, including point of view and tone of voice.
- SEO Keywords: Add up to 5 SEO keywords for optimized article generation.

Finalizing the Article

- Choose the AI model.
- Select Internet data type: 'Concise' for speed or 'Detailed' for accuracy.
- Enable automatic internal linking.
- Decide on image inclusion.
- Enable auto-export to WordPress, configure categories, author name, post status, and publish content automatically.

Thank you for exploring Katteb Article Writer Pro. Goodbye and happy writing!

Updated on: 21/12/2023

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