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7. How To use URL Writer

URL Writer is a feature provided by AI writer that allows users to generate various types of content based on web URLs. By simply clicking on the "URL Writer" button and pasting the desired URL into the provided box, Katteb will scrape the content from the web page, enabling users to write about the specific topic or information obtained from the URL. This documentation will guide you through the process and benefits of using the URL Writer feature.

Accessing URL Writer:
To utilize the URL Writer feature, users need to click on the "URL Writer" button within the AI writer platform. This action will open a dedicated space where users can input the URL of the web page they wish to generate content about.

Scraping Web Content:
Once the URL is pasted into the provided box, Katteb will automatically scrape the content from the specified web page. This process involves extracting the relevant information, such as text, images, and other elements, which users can then utilize to create their desired content.

Writing Content:
After the web content has been scraped, users are given the opportunity to write any type of content they wish based on the information obtained from the URL. They can leverage the extracted content as a reference or source material to write about the topic, express their opinions, provide analysis, or create any other form of written content.

URL Writer enables users to write comprehensive and insightful content by leveraging the specific information available on the web page of their choice. By scraping the content from the URL and allowing users to generate content based on it, Katteb facilitates the creation of well-informed and engaging written materials.

It's important to note that the accuracy and quality of the generated content may depend on the nature and structure of the web page being scraped. Additionally, it is recommended that users review and refine the content to ensure it aligns with their specific requirements and objectives.

Updated on: 10/07/2023

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