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14. How To use Katteb Plagiarism Detection

Katteb Plagiarism Detection Feature: Ensuring Originality of AI-Generated Content

The Katteb Plagiarism Detection feature is a powerful tool provided by AI writer that allows users to check the originality of their AI-generated content. Users can access the plagiarism detection feature within Katteb Writer, Katteb Chat, and AI Article Writer interfaces. This documentation will guide you through the process and benefits of using the Katteb Plagiarism Detection feature.

1. Accessing Plagiarism Detection:
Users can access the Plagiarism Detection feature within the Katteb Writer, Katteb Chat, or AI Article Writer interfaces. It provides users with the ability to check the originality of their AI-generated content for any potential instances of plagiarism.

2. Checking Content for Plagiarism:
Users have the option to check all the content generated by the AI for plagiarism, ensuring the overall originality of their work. Additionally, users can highlight specific text within the content and check only those highlighted sections for plagiarism.

3. Detecting Plagiarized Text:
Upon running the plagiarism check, Katteb's AI-powered Plagiarism Detection feature quickly scans the content and identifies any potential instances of plagiarism. Plagiarized text is marked in red for easy identification.

4. Providing Source Citations:
When plagiarism is detected, the Katteb Plagiarism Detection feature provides citations for the websites from which the content may have been plagiarized. This helps users to identify the original source and ensure proper attribution.

5. Automatic Text Rewrite:
If plagiarism is detected, users are provided with the option to automatically rewrite the plagiarized text. This feature enables users to swiftly rectify any instances of plagiarism and maintain the originality of their content.

The Katteb Plagiarism Detection feature empowers users to ensure the originality and integrity of their AI-generated content. By identifying potential instances of plagiarism and offering the ability to rewrite the content automatically, users can confidently present their work while upholding ethical standards and avoiding issues related to plagiarism.

It's important to note that while the Katteb Plagiarism Detection feature strives to detect potential plagiarism accurately, it is always recommended for users to review and verify the results and make necessary adjustments based on their specific requirements and standards.

Updated on: 12/07/2023

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