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12. How To use Related Images To Enrich Your AI Generated Content

Suggest Images Feature: Enhancing AI-Generated Content with Relevant Images

The Related Images feature is a valuable tool provided by that allows users to enhance AI-generated content with relevant images. By clicking on the "Related Images" button, users can provide their image ideas and select the audience geography location to suggest localized images. This documentation will guide you through the process and benefits of using the Related Images feature.

1. Accessing the Suggest Images Feature:
Users can access the Related Images feature within the AI writer platform. When generating content, users can locate the "Suggest Image" button, which opens up the functionality to suggest relevant images for the generated content.

2. Providing Image Ideas:
By clicking on the "Related Images" button, users can add their image ideas and descriptions. These descriptions can include specific visual details or concepts that align with the content they are generating.

3. Audience Geography Localization:
To further refine the suggested images, users have the option to select the audience geography location. By specifying a particular location, the AI will prioritize suggesting images that are relevant and resonate with the targeted audience in that specific geographical area.

The Related Images feature allows users to enrich their AI-generated content by incorporating relevant visuals. The suggested images help to enhance the overall presentation, engagement, and impact of the content, making it more appealing to the audience.

Note on Copyrights:
When utilizing the Related Images feature, it is essential to consider copyright laws and ensure that users have the necessary rights to use the suggested images. Images obtained through the Related Images feature may be subject to copyright protection by the original creators or owners. It is the responsibility of the users to obtain appropriate licenses, permissions, or consents for the usage of these images in accordance with copyright laws and regulations.

To ensure compliance with copyright requirements, users should consider the following:

Use Licensed or Royalty-Free Images: Seek images from reputable sources that provide licensed or royalty-free images, allowing for commercial usage or modification as needed.

Obtain Permission from Image Owners: If users wish to use images that are not licensed or royalty-free, they should seek explicit permission from the image owners or creators to ensure proper usage.

Updated on: 11/07/2023

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